Oak wood flooring has been popular for decades, but in recent years, the wider variety of types available has brought a fresh look to hardwood designs. Have you seen white oak flooring? One of the newest and freshest types of oak wood flooring to hit the market, and we love it! The color, the resonance, and the grandeur that it provides any room can hardly be beat – especially for the value it provides over the long term. That’s why this article is about why we love white oak flooring.

timeless classic

White design trends change, one thing that remains the same is the lasting love for high quality. People love a classic look, and as trends come and go, the classic elements of a room will keep it tied together. Hardwood floors are one of those elements.

with red oak, white oak has a warmer tone, which is described as golden, but it
lacks the red and pink highlights of red oak. White oak flooring is a moderate,
neutral color scheme that works well with both dark and light palettes, and
will retain its ease of use over time. Even as design trends change, white oak flooring
will always look good with the latest fashions. Then, as time continues, the
will hold their value and even increase the overall value of the home from one
decade to another.


Although there are many things that can damage hardwood floors over time – such as moisture and fire – wood flooring is by far one of the most durable flooring materials available today. Because white oak flooring can be resurfaced, unlike carpet or vinyl flooring, it makes it easy to recover from small scratches and scuffs. Which, white oak flooring doesn’t get many, as it’s one of the toughest species of wood used to make flooring.

White oak flooring tree.
White oak tree.

Oak Flooring Hardness

the hardness of wood is a standardized process that makes it easy to compare
one type of wood to another and know which is harder. The two main types of oak
are red oak and white oak, and white oak has been rated as much harder, which
can make it more difficult to cut into planks, tiles, and other shapes, but can
make it last longer to more wear over time.

oak flooring will be ready to install with only a light polyurethane treatment.
Even without treatment, white oak flooring can sustain its beauty and strength
for decades to come. Some of the most ancient oak wood flooring still in use
today dates to the 16th century – a true testament to the amazing lasting
quality of this type of wood.

to Clean

Because wood flooring doesn’t have any fibers or deep cracks to hold allergens, dirt, dust, pet hair, or other debris, they are likely to be more hypoallergenic and make your home contain less pollutants overall. In addition, wood floors don’t need any special cleaning – you can sweep and mop or you can vacuum, whatever is your preference, in order to remove debris and disinfect them. Once or twice per year, consider waxing or oiling your hardwood floors with specialty wood cleaner, in order to extend their life and lock in their moisture to protect them against contaminants in the future.


Because of its sturdy nature, neutral color, and reliability, white oak works well in many rooms throughout the house.

  • Living room flooring, paneling, and furniture
  • Bathroom flooring and cabinetry
  • Kitchen flooring and cabinetry
  • Bedroom flooring, paneling, and furniture

oak flooring also works particularly well in high traffic areas, such as the
foyer, hallways, or even the outdoor patio.

white oak flooring and cabinetry
Wood is a great look throughout your home.

of all: We Love White Oak Flooring for the Value

value is unbeatable. When you’re building a new house or upgrading your current
home, you want the best for you and your family – you want a home that will
last. While there are imitations that might look as good as white oak when you
first install them, nothing will last the wear and tear of decades like real,
beautiful white oak flooring.

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