From installing a home security camera system to simply establishing coordination and partnership with your neighbors – we’ll talk about the tried and tested ways you can stop package theft.

Online shopping has been an ever-increasing trend over the past years. It has made retail shopping way more convenient and more accessible for many of us.

However, thieves and burglars have also found ways to infiltrate your homes and steal packages that have been delivered to your doorstep.

This phenomenon is called “porch pirating.” High statistics of package theft reveal that this issue is a severe cause for concern for homeowners. Thus, many are employing different ways to prevent it.

Prevalent Issue

A package theft survey showed that about 30 percent of Americans had been a victim of package theft; half of those who answered the survey know a friend, neighbor, or family member who has been a victim of porch pirating. Even though this issue is prevalent, there are measures we can take to help prevent it. Here are the tips to keep your delivered packages safe, secured, and gave to you.

Install Security Cameras

One of the best and most effective ways of stopping someone from stealing anything from your property is to install a home security camera system at your driveway, hallway, front door, or any place where the courier would leave your packages when you’re not home. Strategically and visibly placed security cameras will help hinder bad entities from even trying to swipe your possessions.

Moreover, a home security camera system that has an accompanying mobile app will let you monitor your house on those days when you are expecting or waiting for a delivery. The mobile app linked with the security camera will notify your smartphone or mobile device alerting you that you have a package that’s been delivered to your doorstep.

To best stop porch thieves we suggest setting up a bullet camera, which is a visible home security camera system.

Another type of visible security camera is the dome kind; it’s a more discreet kind compared to the bullet type.

Also, consider weather-resistant security cameras with motion detection or night vision. For the most precise detection, go for security camera systems that make use of infrared technology that lets them sense heat as compared to motion sensors.

Get a Signature Requirement for Delivery, Click-and-Collect, or Sign Up form Shipping Tracking Notifications

Another effective way to package theft is to get a signature requirement for delivery. While this may be a bother for you as deliveries come in – especially during regular work hours – requiring a signature is a straightforward way to avoid any thieving incidents. Opting for a signature delivery starts with you getting in touch with the delivery service and asking for this option after you place your order. Also, signing up for shipping tracking alerts will notify you of the most current tracking progress of your package; it will let you know when to expect the delivery as well. Most courier services already offer the option to subscribe to email or text tracking alerts.

Click-and-collect is another way to secure your delivered packages. Many big retail stores provide a click-and-collect service in which you can do your shopping online and pick the items at their store on the same day or within a certain period of time. Although this option will have you physically go to the store to collect your order, many people are opting to do this as the stores make it easy to pick up your item.

Coordinate With Your Neighbors

Your neighbors and the community can be a significant advantage to you when it comes to preventing package theft. For example, if you’re not home and you know that your neighbor is when your package is about to be delivered during the day, you can ask him or her to receive and hold your package when it gets delivered; and just retrieve it from them when you get home.

Also, if you are about to go on vacation, ask your neighbors if they could collect your mail and packages (if you are expecting any); mail tends to pile up quickly, and this is usually how burglars target their next victims since piled up mail means no one is home.

Of course, getting to know your neighbors even before you ask them any of these favors is the standard and polite thing to do. Either way, it’s always better to build a good relationship with your neighbors as it can help establish a safer and better community.

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