Make Your Roof like Brand New Again

A solid roof is crucial for a cozy, warm, and leak-free home. Although the roofer may have given a service guarantee of at least 25 years, the roof still needs to be maintained and serviced regularly to prevent roofing emergencies. Simple tasks such as having broken shingles replaced, sweeping leaves and twigs off the roof, as well as washing it immediately after winter are some of the roof maintenance tips that can help your roof last much longer. Having your roof inspected at least twice a year also helps detect issues and potential problems should be addressed immediately to avoid a disaster.

Some of the issues that call for immediate roof repair are discussed below.

1. Curling Shingles
Curling shingles, also known as cupping, are a clear indicator that you may need to have the shingles replaced, or even a new roof. Cupping is an initial sign of individual shingles wearing off and could lead to leaks into the house. Temperature fluctuations may cause cupping among other external factors. Consider calling a roof repair expert as soon as you start noticing roofing shingles cupping or clawing. The contractor may have to inspect the level of damage to determine whether they need replacing or its time for a new roof.

2. Water Stains in the Attic
A simple leak in the attic can cause massive structural damage to both the roof and the house. Detecting leak from the attic is relatively easy. You can either have the attic tested or just look for streaks of light getting in through the roof. Testing for dampness in the attic especially past the insulation points is also recommended. If there are water stains in the attic or can see light rays through the roof, it’s then time to call a roofing expert. Although small and simple leaks can be patched up, the contractor will need to test the entire roof for structural damage. Larger leaks may call for a part of the roof taken off and reinstalled afresh.

3. Granules in the Gutter
While your roof may seem perfectly ok and no signs of leaks, finding a bunch of granules in the gutters is an indication that the roof is deteriorating, fast. Unless it is a freshly installed roof, granules in the gutters mean shingles are wearing off fast and that they aren’t protected from direct sunlight. Manufacturers coat roofing shingles with granules to help improve their durability by preventing baking by the sun. If you notice granules in the gutter, then chances are your roof is halfway through its lifespan, and that you should start planning for a new roof.

4. Cracked and Missing Shingles
Although a common occurrence, cracked or missing shingles call for immediate fixing. This is particularly important if one part of the roof has broken shingles. The cracked shingles may be as a result of a poor installation job, or wind damage. A good roofing contractor should be able to identify the root cause and have it addressed in no time. Should you however find entire shingles missing, you then need more than just roof repair.

5. A Sagging Roof
A sagging roof may be due to a structural issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The problem could be with decking in the attic, or even worse, foundation supports. While you may not be in danger (yet), it would be wise to call your roofer immediately (if the roof is still under warranty). The roofer may have to reroof the house afresh or take on the necessary repair measures.

Moss and algae may create a habitat on your roof as well. While there may be no cause for alarm, it would be best if you considered having the roof washed to get rid of these microbes. Moss attract moisture onto the roof which not only makes it heavier but could also start decomposing the shingles.

Hiring a Roofer: What to Look For

Once confident that the roof requires fixing, it’s important that you find a good roofer to handle the repairs. If the roof is still under warranty, you can then call the roofer to have it fixed ASAP. If it is way past the guarantee provided, you will then have to hire a roofer yourself. Some of the basic qualifications to look for in a roofer include licensing, insurance, experience, expertise, and proper communication. Be sure to get quotes from several service providers to find the right one for the job.