Putting together the right protection for your home means you have
to consider one thing frequently – budget. When you’re budget conscious, but
you want top fire protection, you might ask yourself at some point, “Well,
exactly how much are fire alarms? And is it worth it to get one for my home?”

Home fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems for your home range from the very simple to the highly-sophisticated, and you should make sure to get exactly what you need.

Smoke detectors

Of course, you know you need smoke detectors. You should have at least one smoke detector for every 1,000 square foot area, especially if you have hallways that lead to the bedrooms. Make sure you put smoke detectors at the best places to awaken your family in case of an emergency.

You know you also need carbon monoxide detectors, right?
Especially if you have a gas line in your house. Make sure to keep your property
safe from all types of fire hazards.

Advanced alarm systems

Like a home security system, today’s residential fire alarm systems are interconnected throughout your entire home, often wirelessly. So, settings can often be controlled and monitored from a central wall panel or from a secure website or mobile app. A modern fire alarm system will alert you to any problems or errors it is experiencing, so you can address them, before there is any type of emergency. And, many offer reporting systems that send you information about your home’s fire risks and safety tips.

What’s the price of a good
fire alarm system?

Well, it varies. Depending on the square footage of your house,
the type of alarm system you want to install, and other specifics about your

Do you have a fireplace? A desk with a grill? An older boiler? A
garage? Do you want full coverage of your property, or only specific fire
alarms in particular areas? Do you want the alarm to sound and alert people at
the property, or are you interested in round-the-clock alarm monitoring
services that protect your home even when you’re not around?

Consider your answers to these basic questions and shop for an alarm system that fits your needs. You may find that prices vary anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. However, many homeowners find that they can install a fire alarm system for less than $10,000 and maintain it for a reasonable monthly price.

What are the ongoing expenses

Again, there are several factors here to determine an accurate
answer. Largely, it can depend on what type of ongoing maintenance you want for
your alarm system. If you are interested in 24-hour monitoring services, there
may be a higher cost associated than if you are interested only in an app where
you can wirelessly monitor and control your own closed circuit system.

Just like many other aspects of caring for your home, a fire alarm system is not a “one and done” type of upgrade. Even if all you do is install smoke detectors, you’ll still have to change the batteries and test them twice per year.

Does it pay for itself?

One important thing to consider when installing a home fire alarm system is how any tax incentives or insurance discounts reduce the long-term cost of the alarm system. Your bank, insurance company, or homeowners association may be willing to offer some kind of reimbursement for the cost of installing the system, or an ongoing discount for your preventative measures.

Or, you might look into state, local, and federal tax discounts
that you could receive because of the upgrade to your property. In addition, if
you are thinking about selling the home someday in the future, talk to a broker
about how installing a fire alarm system will increase the value of your

of pocket expense vs. the benefit of peace of mind

Maybe, the question of “How much does a fire alarm system cost?” should be flipped. Consider instead: How much is a fire alarm system worth? How much is your peace of mind worth? Your family’s protection and security? The value of the valuables in your home and at your property? You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve the best protection. While it’s true that it will cost you when you install a home fire alarm system, what it could save you is priceless.

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