A smart home comes with a lot of impressive features that add comfort and convenience in your home life. One of the most essential and practical innovations in a smart home is the integration of home security systems.

Security systems have kept families safe and protected in their property. With the evolution of home technology, residential security systems have advanced alongside it.

Home Security Systems Protect the Home from Different Types of Dangers

On top of operating the more common security-related appliances such as security cameras at the front door, automated door locks, and motion sensors, home security systems can also control automated lights and motorized windows and shades.

Home security systems is a must when you want to safeguard your property.

Some systems even have the advanced feature of an occupancy simulation by making it appear like someone’s at home to ward off unwanted and suspicious activities.

Think Home Alone when Kevin made a fake house party with Michael Jordan cutouts.

You do not have to go through the trouble of making your own Michael Jordan figure and attaching it to a moving train. Home security systems come with more sophisticated options than that.

Aside from protecting your property from potential burglars or intruders, security systems for the home also defend you from infrastructure-related problems and environmental hazards. The sensors that come with security systems will detect flooding, extreme temperature fluctuations, fire, carbon monoxide levels, power shortages, and even indoor pollutants.

Modern security systems can be integrated with a main smart home network. Home security, safety, comfort, and convenience for the entire family allow homeowners to have the ultimate peace of mind.

In today’s post, let’s take a closer look at the innovative features of home security systems combined with smart home automation.

Occupancy Simulation

Before this home automation feature, people used to achieve this scenario by setting the lights throughout their home on timers. It was a simple enough step – and it worked, for a time. However, relying on timers backfired.

Some burglars were smarter and more cunning. They were able to figure out that no one, in fact, was home, and the lights were just set to turn on and off.

An occupancy simulation feature of advanced home security systems is more sophisticated. This feature can mimic organic human behaviors when it comes to turning the lights, TV, music, and other appliances on and off.  To anyone outside the home, it will just appear like your house is not vacant at all.

Monitor Your Home with Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Whether you’re at work, outside running errands, or out of town on vacation, you can monitor your home with real-time updates 24/7. Your mobile device can connect to the security system; this allows you access to get notifications when the sensor is triggered, or the alarm (garage door, windows, basement, etc.) goes off. You’ll also get alerts about carbon monoxide levels or extreme temperature changes.

You can get a text or email alert from home security systems.

Depending on your preferred settings, you can get either a text or an email alert.

This robust system gives you complete control over your property to ensure its safety and protection.

Visual Monitoring Features

Another newer feature of more advanced security cameras is detecting when something goes missing in the room. Whether it’s your car in the garage or a piece of art hanging on the wall, the surveillance camera will detect if an item that is usually on its spot doesn’t return.

The camera system will log these events or changes and send you a text or email notification. Your security system stays vigilant for you, so you don’t always have to.

Keep Your Loved Ones in Your Property Safe with Home Security Systems

A smart home is not just all about comfort and convenience. This technology can massively improve your residential security efforts.

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